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This is a fundamental principle in our art form. We must take great care in presenting our craft with utmost professionalism and pride. More importantly, we want our actions always to pay homage to our valued beneficiaries. The ways that we consider our beneficiaries should be based on respect.


With so many different voices, opinions and thoughts, we understand that listening is as vital as sharing. We want to be guided by the beauty of exchange. This beauty arises from humility, genuineness and empathy. When we place these characteristics at the core of our behaviour, we believe we will attract and encourage like-minded folks to enter into this trade of ideas.

Facilitate Change

We want to be a hub for the development and trade of ideas. As performers, it is so easy to become god-like and think that the things we so profoundly express make us righteous or greater than. We want to acknowledge that we are human, open to discourse and open to transformation. We want to be guided as much as we guide, learn as much as we share and grow as much as we sow.

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