About Us


The 2 Cents Movement is a youth-led non-profit organisation that uses performance art in youth outreach aimed at creating respectful young citizens, exchanging ideas, and facilitating responsible change in Trinidad and Tobago, the Caribbean, and by extension, the world. We focus on engaging youth on critical issues relevant to their development using creative spaces for discourse and action. Our organisation strives to professionalise youth-centred, arts-based interventions and become the leading youth arts outreach company in the Caribbean.


Our philosophy is that young people have a voice to be valued and can contribute meaningfully to societal progress; each youth gives their 2 Cents. The Movement's primary goal is to develop youth into socially responsible citizens, empowered to speak responsibly. This is framed in our new watchwords: respect, exchange, and facilitate change. The 2 Cents Movement has mastered the art of using spoken word poetry to fulfil a range of criteria, allowing the industry to develop at a higher rate than any that may have been recorded in history.

Our Journey

The 2 Cents Movement has a rich history of promoting spoken word poetry, empowering young voices, and engaging with diverse partners and stakeholders. Over the years, the organization has achieved significant milestones and impacted the spoken word poetry landscape in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Artists

Our Artists are at the Core of our operations as a Movement. Find out more about who they are.

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