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Our Values

Safeguarding Policy

The 2 Cents Movement

This policy is informed and guided by the UNICEF: For Every Child-Child Safeguarding Tool Kit for Businesses and the KCS Standards for Child Protection. The document should be read in light and accordance with these best practices in relation to protecting the safety and rights of children.

Code of Conduct

The 2 Cents Movement

The 2 Cents Movement is a not for profit that focuses on youth development through Spoken Word. This Code of Conduct is to be read in conjunction with the other policies of the organisation and can be enforced through the organisation's policies.


Clubs Audit Report 2020

The 2 Cents Movement

Families in Action is an NGO, established in 1988 that serves as a premier organization recognized for fostering healthy lifestyles through the delivery of quality services which enhance and transform relationships within the family, organizations and communities.

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